Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Artistic Colour Gloss – One Week On

An update on my last post, I wore this nail polish for a week, the only reason I took it off was because i wanted to do my nails for a trip to London! But I wore the colour for a week, and loved it, that is very unlike me!



I had one chip, but the nail underneath had peeled so I feel this is the cause.


Other than that it was still perfect and had just grown out a bit, definitely a good idea for weak nails or those that get a lot of chipping!


Monday, 16 May 2011

Artistic Colour Gloss – Vogue

Artistic Colour Gloss are a new line of gel/polish hybrids very similar to Gelish, they are even in the same bottle! As with Gelish and Shellac you cure each layer in a UV lamp and these polishes should last up to 2 weeks. We shall see how long it lasts on me.
I currently own 2 of the colours and have some more on the way to me. The first one I had to try out was Vogue, a purpley-grey, my favourite sort of shade!
There is a slight shimmer running through this. And the shine is incredible.
If your nail polish always chips within days then I thoroughly recommend you look into Gelish or Shellac nails, if you Google you will be able to find someone in your area.


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